Pantry 1.2.8

Keep on top of what's left in your kitchen cupboards


  • Covers a wide range of items
  • Automatically adds items running low to shopping list
  • Allows you to sync with other people and iPhones


  • No automatic warnings when items go low
  • Interface is a little unintuitive

Very good

I haven't heard the word 'Pantry' since my Grandma was alive but it's an appropriate name for this small application. The program allows you to see what you've got left in your food stores and auto-compile shopping lists quickly and easily.

Pantry is elegant and well presented, allowing you to clearly see how much food you have left at home. It covers everything from spaghetti sauce, dog food and toilet paper to washing-up liquid, cleaning fluids and even dog treats. The nice thing is, as soon as something runs low, it automatically gets added to a shopping list.

Pantry also features a useful syncing option for sharing your Pantry with another member of the family. That way, you'll always be able to see what's left in the family kitchen and, if needs be, pick up some milk at the shops and keep your wife (or mum) happy. The syncing feature requires signing up for a free account, but this only takes a few seconds. More recently, Pantry has been updated to support iPhone syncing, so you can check and add items to your list on the move.

Pantry can be a little unintuitive, however. For example, if an item you need is not on the default list, creating a new one is not as simple as it should be (you have to search first and then click 'Add' when it's not found).

I'm not sure if I could be bothered filling in Pantry every day, but it could be a useful tool for a small kitchen or restaurant that needs to keep on top of its stock.



Pantry 1.2.8

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