Pantry 1.2.0

Manage your shopping lists and sync them with the iPhone


  • Customizable food database
  • Can be synced with an online account and an iPhone app
  • Detailed entry for each product
  • Shopping list is automatically generated


  • You still need to mark products as "running out"
  • Only syncs with iPhone/iPod Touch


Have you ever spent two hours doing the shopping in the supermarket, only to realize just after arriving home that you forgot one single thing?

If you've been in this situation, you need a program like Pantry. Pantry is a shopping organizer that not only lets you create and manage detailed shopping lists, but also keeps track of your current stock and synchronizes everything with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Pantry features a complete database with all sorts of foods, beverages, personal care products and cleansers, but if you miss anything, you can add it to the list straight away. You can create a list with the stores where you usually do your shopping as well.

Each product has a detailed entry with your current stock, the average price, an optional expiration date and the number under which it should be refilled. As soon as you notice you're running out of any product, it will be automatically added to the shopping list – you do need to mark the product as 'running low' though, or let the program know that your current stock is under the refilling limit.

Pantry is automatically synced with a free online account in the Pantry website, and also with an iPhone app, which is sadly not free.

Pantry helps you manage the shopping at home with a handy organizer that can be synced with an online account and a paid iPhone app.



Pantry 1.2.0

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